logo-delices-short-252About project DELICE

The concept of life long learning has a significant importance in solving discrepancy at the labor market and it is recognized as a key solution for increase of employment. Issues related to vocational education and training of adults are in focus of many institutions and organizations, but to achieve significant results, all social partners which have indirect or direct impact on labor market should harmonize their activities.

Lifelong learning is a theme of the current project of the Agency for economic development of municipality Prijedor “PREDA-PD” which is implementing with partners: School of Agriculture and Food Prijedor, Mechanical school Prijedor, Public Employment Service of Republic of Srpska-branch office Prijedor, Chamber of Commerce and industry of Banja Luka region-branch office Prijedor, Association of small crafts and entrepreneurs Prijedor and Wood and Furniture Cluster “DRVO-PD”.

Total value of the project Development of lifelong learning for increase of competitiveness and employment – DELICE is 116,042.91 EUR and EU contribution is 81.18% or 94,202.03 EUR and the rest of the amount is contribution of partners.

The overall objective of DELICE project is to give support in finding solution for employment issues, or increase of employed persons. The specific objective (purpose) of the project DELICE is to raise employment capacities throughout vocational education and training of adults. The project will be implemented in Prijedor during the following 24 months. It is expected that the project effects have positive impact on neighbors’ municipalities.

The foreseen project activities are oriented to:

–       Develop cooperation and better coordination of local partners related to planning activities and labor market and employment activities

–       Foster local capacities for implementation of educational programs for reeducation, additional training, specialization and acquiring qualification of adults for professions in metal processing, wood processing, agriculture and craft services, with active participation of local business entities

–       Develop methodology for efficient planning and to implement educational and training programs for adults on short and long term basis

–       Promote the concept of lifelong learning and to increase availability of programs for reeducation, additional training, specialization and qualification of adults for deficit occupations on local and global labor market.

By realization of the project DELICE, the number of educational providers for adults will be increased as well as the quality of offered accredited programs for vocational occupations which are deficit on local labor market. Relevant local institutions/organizations will in their field of work act synchronized with a common goal to increase expertize and skills of labor to find an employment faster and easier.