JU-Masinska-skola-Prijedor---maliPublic institution Mechanical school Prijedor

Founded 01.07.1977.

Technical and vocational high school education.

Mechanical school Prijedor organizes educational activities for reeducation of adults for occupations deficit on local and global labor market. All programs designed for adults are accredited by the Ministry of education and culture of Republic of Srpska.

Vocational reeducation is designed for the following areas:

–          Mechanical engineering and metal processing

–          Traffic

–          Forestry and wood processing

Mechanical school plans to improve conditions for adults’ education in order to timely and adequately responds to the needs of labor market.


Public institution Mechanical school Prijedor
Address: Nikole Pašića 4, 79101 Prijedor
Republic of Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387(0)52/242-871
Fax: +387(0)52/242-871

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