poljoprivredna-skola--logoPublic institution School of agriculture and food Prijedor

Founded in March 1982 .

A) Pedagogical and educational work with students in agriculture and food processing for the following occupations:

  1. Agricultural technician
  2. Veterinary  technician
  3. Food processing technician
  4. Baker
  5. Butcher
  6. Food processor

B) Professional services for agricultural processors (services of agrochemical soil analyzes).

The school is highly interested in activities connected with adult education according to demands and needs of labor market. For that purpose, cabinets and workrooms for practical education are equipped so the participants/students can acquire new knowledge and skills specific for some occupations. School’s task is to ensure good conditions for acquiring specific competence of participants which are defined by labor market.

School for Agriculture and Food Prijedor is going to throughout the DELICE project becomes active as a provider of specific programs for potential participants.

Public institution School of agriculture and food Prijedor
Address: Nikole Pašića br.4, 79101 Prijedor
Republic of Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387(0)52/211-209
Fax: +387(0)52/211-209

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