DRVO-PDWood and furniture cluster “DRVO PD” headquarter in Prijedor

Established on 1st August  2005.

Cluster “DRVO PD “ Prijedor is organization which objectives are business cooperation, education, information exchange and improvement of business operations at companies and entrepreneurs in wood and furniture industry. Also, improvement of conditions at wood processing, wood and furniture manufacturing, updating with technical and technological achievements in this field and harmonization of mutual interests. Cluster “DRVO PD” has got 22 members – business entities which main activities are wood processing, manufacturing of joinery, furniture and other wood products.

A skilled and qualified workforce is the most important resource in wood and furniture industry. Cluster „DRVO-PD“ is dedicated for constant improving and straightening of present and future workforce primarily for local business entities in this sector. Together with local companies, Cluster „DRVO-PD“ will give support to the project by giving their human and technical capacities to educate adults. As a representative of local companies active in wood processing, Custer „DRVO-PD“ is interested in an active role during defining local measures and activities relating vocational education and employment of workforce.

Wood and furniture cluster “DRVO PD” headquarter in Prijedor
Address: Branislava Nušića 33, Prijedor,
Republic of Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 (0)52/241-600
Fax: +387 (0)52/241-601
Web: http://www.drvo-pd.com

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